Saturday, February 6, 2016

Getting Older, Going Grey

Some sort of switch flipped when I turned 26. All of the sudden most of my clothes seemed too busy, were total tents, very very very tight, too short or horribly unflattering. I found myself wanting a more structured, clean wardrobe instead of the pseudo hippie hodge podge thing I had going on. 

But I didn't want to jump right into that 'Chico's'   life, so I did some exploring.

Needs Supply meets my structured, minimalist needs. This dress (Made in the USA) cinches at the waist in a flattering unexpected way, and the cozy jersey material is easy to care for.

Age appropriate feels pretty good.

Conscious Pieces

Dress - Needs Supply

Shoes - Fortress of Inca

Necklace - Jacoby

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