Monday, November 30, 2015


Cozy clothes are very important to me. 

It wasn't always that way. For years, my clothing was tight and totally inappropriate for everyday life, or I wore my middle school gym shorts, which for other reasons were totally inappropriate for everyday life. 

Casual clothing was a struggle.

This easy top from LARelaxed is flattering, super soft, and is a wonderful pomegranate color. It is absolutely perfect for after yoga, grocery shopping, or being cute around the house. 

I do not do Black Friday. One year I went, and I was 85% sure I was going to die a bloody pulp on the floor of Macy's.

However, I will forever be dedicated to Cyber Monday. Below are a few of my favorite deals for Cyber Monday (LARelaxed included). Put on your cozy casuals and happy shopping!

LARelaxed - use code LA40 at checkout

American Apparel - use code Monday15 at checkout

Reformation - Sale

Synergy - use code hooray30 at checkout

Conscious Pieces

Top - LARelaxed


Shorts - lululemon

Shoes - New Balance

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