Tuesday, September 15, 2015

When you know, you just know

We all know my deep deep love for jumpsuits.

I am always pressuring my friends to buy one. The complaint I hear most about jumpsuits is that they "just don't fit my body." I NO LONG ACCEPT THAT EXCUSE.

This Seamly jumpsuit allows you to change the top to whatever way fits your body best. The ability create different silhouettes that are appropriate for every occasion is a major win.

I failed you, by not showing you the bottom, but it is a lovely wide-legged look that is soft and cozy, without looking like it is drowning you.

"But Abbey," you say, "How will I hit the ladies room without having to disassemble this bad boy?" 

There is an 8 inch zipper down the back, that allows for potty breaks. If you are going to buy a jumpsuit I very highly recommend this one. 

Happy experimenting!  

Conscious Pieces

Jumpsuit- Seamly

Earrings- Noon

For a jumpsuit tutorial click here

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