Thursday, August 20, 2015

Plunging necklines and Stacy London

Reformation. This brand is amazing. The cuts are simple with pretty lines, and upcycled fabrics always change. 

Reformation is to die for, but I will be honest it's not cheap (keep reading there is good news).

I rarely wear blue, and I certainly NEVER wear necklines this low, so this dress was an exciting challenge. 

Let's talk low cut dresses (sorry in advance dad, and coworkers), because things happen and undoubtedly they would happen to me. 

I went on the hunt to find the best, most reliable, doubled-sided tap. You will never guess who specializes in boob tape? 

STACY LONDON! The most annoying T.V. personality of all time! But hey, she is keeping my boobs from falling out of my new favorite dress, so I will forgive her for the countless hours I have lost watching "What Not to Wear."

Obviously, I wouldn't wear this to a family reunion or to a job interview, but it is a great date night outfit. AND I can get away with my lazy updo and simple heels. 

Good news for everyone, Reformation is having it's semi-annual sale. You're welcome. 

Don't forget Stacy London has you covered!

Conscious Pieces

Dress- Reformation

Earrings- Raven + Lily


Shoes- Nine West

Boob Tape- Hollywood Fashion Secrets (at Bed Bath and Beyond...that's the beyond part y'all)