Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who has time for pants AND a shirt?

Putting together two articles of clothing has never been easy for me. Jeans AND a shirt? What kind of time do you think I have?!

Dresses have dominated my wardrobe since college for a few reasons:
  •  They flatter my shape 
  •  I don't have to wear pants 
  •  People assume I am putting forth way more effort than I am

I was pretty pumped when jumpsuits came along, one more way that I didn't have to fuss with two pieces of clothing.

This wonderfully, casual number from Thought Collective is now a pretty heavily utilized item in my closet.

It's flattering, it's comfortable, and the print isn't too overwhelming for my shorter frame.

Some tips for jumpsuit buying:

  • If you are shorter, stay with a simpler print/solid color
  • Find a jumper that hits at your natural waist
  • If the length is too long, but it fits everywhere else, suck it up and go see a tailor. 
  • Also, find a tailor
  • And most importantly, if it doesn't make you feel awesome, DO NOT BUY IT. If I have learned one thing from this project it is only buy clothing you love. The throw away fast purchases don't make you feel or look as beautiful as you are. 
Conscious Pieces:

Jumpsuit: Thought Collective

Necklace: Jacoby's Mercantile

Earrings: Noon

Purse: Purse&Clutch


Boots: Sam Edelman

For more about Thought Collective click here

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