Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Loup: You've really made the grade

Sorry for the delay loves! Life has bee really amazingly rowdy!  And Texas has been a frigid tundra! (Not really, but it has been 30-40 degrees!) Anywho, back to clothes!

American made, when I say that what company do you think of?

American Apparel? I thought so. Since I was not super pumped on AA for a many reasons (models, owner, fit of clothing), I have been on the hunt for some American made clothing. 

But where to look? After stalking Blake Lively's blog (why is she so perfect?), I found Loup! Loup, manages to give simple, predictable cuts a fun twist without seeming cheesy.

This dress fits like a dream, and has a David Bowie-esque feel to it (hello pleather sleeves!). More importantly wearing this dress makes me feel good, and gives me an excuse to run around singing Space Oddity all day.  

Loup is having a killer online sale that I highly recommend. Check it out!

Conscious Pieces:

Dress: Loup

Sunglasses: ICU Eyewear


Shoes: White Mountain

Tights: Target

Photos by Faith Robbins:  check out her site here

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