Friday, March 20, 2015

First Love

You know that piece that you put on, and you just feel great? No matter what had happened, how tired you are, how crappy you feel, that piece makes you feel gorgeous?

That is this dress, and this is also the first conscious piece of clothing I ever bought. I was at an event with a friend and I was a little hesitant to buy it. It was a little more expensive than I was used to spending on a dress, so I winced as I handed over my debit card.

I am happy I did. This is a very special dress to me, and I wear it every chance I can.

This week has been extremely challenging for me, and I really needed to feel good about myself. I felt myself reaching for this dress a few times. And you know what? It made everything a little better.

I hope you have an outfit that makes you feel this way. If you don't, go buy one. It is not frivolous or vapid, you deserve something that makes you feel beautiful.

Tips for buying THAT piece:
  • Set yourself a budget and don't be scared to buy at the higher end. 
  • Avoid super "trendy" pieces that will likely look dated in a year
  • Does it do your body justice? If not, walk away.
  • Where can you wear this? Only weddings? Only bar hopping? You should be able to wear it AT LEAST two places. 
  • Can you wear this with minimal hair and make-up? So on those challenging days you can wear and go. 

When you have icky weeks I promise, it will be worth every cent. 

Conscious Pieces

Dress: Raven + Lily

Earrings: Noon


Shoes: Madewell

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