Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Defining sexy (in bluebonnets)

Sexy: up until my mid-twenties I thought that sexy was short short skirts, full make-up, straight hair, and cleavage!

I had the totally realistic opinions of the E! network to tell me what made me look desirable. (At least I admit to my faults. GIMME A BREAK!)

It was very easy to buy whatever was "hot" when I was shopping at F21 on a weekly basis.

Generally, I would end up squeezing into something that 1) didn't look great on me 2) was exhaustingly trendy 3) always made me seem like I was trying too hard. And I would wear that polyester blend dress one time.

Once I started buying quality pieces, (and got rid of cable television) I had to define what made me feel best.

What I look for now is a little shorter of hem line, and I have traded in low necklines for a lower cut in the back. As cheesy as this sounds knowing that I have put forth effort to find items that are conscious makes me feel even more confident.

When a brand works for me, I am a die hard. You got me again Loup. I love you.

Conscious Pieces

Dress: Loup


Necklace: Free People

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