Friday, February 6, 2015

Synergy isn't just a business term

“I love your dress!”
“Thanks it’s made of organic cotton!”

After I said this I wanted to lasso those words right back into my mouth.

That statement felt on par with “oh my rescue dogs (which I have two) love acupuncture" or “my compost in the backyard has totally helped my aloe plant.”

But I was excited, and couldn't help it! I finally found a company that provides organic fibers that totally thwarted my expectation of itchy hemp like materials. 

As stated in earlier posts, natural fibers are (in my opinion) the most effective, thoughtful way to buy conscious clothing.

Synergy Organic Clothing, you have my heart….and probably most of my money.

Conscious Pieces:

Dress: Synergy

Necklace: Olive


Shoes: Born

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