Friday, February 13, 2015

Cute Dress, Messy hair

My hair. My freakin' hair has been a point of drama and trauma my entire life. 

Is it too short, is it too long, is it too dark, oh dear god why did I go blonde?!

More often than not, I embrace the messy updo. 

It works for me! It's even better when I can do a messy updo and throw on a tight short dress and pass for "fancy."

I love this Supermaggie dress for many reasons:

1) It can be dressed down (I have worn this with black tights, over the knee boots and a jean jacket) or dressed up!

2) It challenges me to work with the parts of my body I may not be all that comfortable with (stomach, upper arms), while somehow simultaneously supporting what I think are my strong points (bootay, and legs). 

3) The design on the front! Oh god I love it. Super intricate in an understated way. 

More than that Supermaggie has an interesting story, organic cotton options, home decor, made in USA. and is super affordable. I highly recommend it! 

Particularly this unicorn pattern. Because when it comes down to it, clothes should be fun.

Conscious Pieces:

Dress: Supermaggie


Shoes: Aerosoles

Click here to learn more and shop Supermaggie 

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