Friday, January 23, 2015

Ways to recycle: H&M (and awkward puppy dogs)

Get a trashbag. 

Go to your closet. 

Look at that pile that is on the floor. You know which one I am talking about. The pile with bleach stained sweaters, hole in the crotch pants, and those shirts that you have no idea how the tear in the the armpit happened. 

Put those clothes in said trash bag. 


H&M began a program where you can take your old, in any condition clothing, (no it does not need to be from H&M) and trade it in. They will recycle the fabric to make more garments. Seriously. For your donation you get 15% off of one H&M purchase.

"But Abbey!" you say, "Why are you encouraging us to buy clothing from H&M when I turn over my old clothes? Isn't that counter productive?"

As far as I am concerned you get 15% off of ONE item, when you are saving a bag full of old stuff from being thrown into your local land fill. It's a pretty solid trade. 

If you still feel dirty about buying from H&M, they have a solution for that: the H&M 'CONSCIOUS' line that features organic fabrics; which I totally invested in. Enjoy! 

Conscious Pieces

Top: Threadflip (more about that later)
Skirt: H&M Conscious Collection
Earrings: Raven + Lily
Sunglasses: ICU Eyewear


Shoes: Anthroplogie

For more about H&M please visit below:

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