Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Internet is a beautiful place!

I am and have always been in a very deep emotional, serious committed relationship with sites like piperlime, yoox and shopbob (yes, please send me an obscene amount of coupons). While breaking up with these very fulfilling relationships seemed to be eminent, a shining beacon of hope appeared.

Instead of spending longer than any human should sorting through sites to find eco-friendly goods, these three sites did the dirty work for us!

Yooxgen: The hippie sister of Yoox. It’s good y’all!

My pick:

People Tree Short Dress: $72

Modcloth: So this one you have to do a little work: simply type in ecofriendly into the tool bar. I feel like you can handle it!

My pick:

How Buffalo Can you Go? Sweatshirt: $39.99

ASOS Green Room: WHEW! Thank goodness! In addition to the eco-friendly brands they host, ASOS also sorts through the reclaimed goods that their boutiques carry. 

My pick:

ASOS Reclaimed Vintage Dark Red Spot V Back Playsuit $45.48

There are sites that specialize in JUST eco-friendly clothing and we will explore those later. But for me, it felt a little bit easier and more familiar to start here.

But oh dear reader, I found something even better. Hold tight for the next entry, and gather up those old clothes that even Goodwill says "ummm, no thanks" to. 

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